Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Burberry Scarves for Darfur

I can't claim this as my own work but I think its great. It's a Facebook group I found.

Burberry Scarves for Darfur

You know what Darfur has too much of? Genocide. You know what Boston has too much of? Burberry scarves. I know these places might seem far away, but, at the end of the day, genocide and fashion atrophy affect us all.

This is your chance to help kill two birds with one stone. For every person that joins this group and sends me a Burberry scarf, I will donate one Burberry scarf to a Darfur charity of that person's choosing.

If a group member specifies a charity that does not accept clothes, I will liquidate the scarf on ebay and donate 100% of the proceeds to that charity instead.

I am dead serious about this. If you send me a Burberry scarf, I guarantee it will end up in Western Sudan. I think it's a fine opportunity to take a stand against atrocity while making Bostonians easier to pick out at a distance.
Back Bay Station
Boston, MA

Ok, so 24 hours later, I have received zero Burberry scarves. But I understand that there is probably a significant minority of people who can afford a $250 scarf but can't pay for same day shipping.

Another problem may be that the address listed below is Burberry Scarves for Darfur Mission HQ. It's in Back Bay Station, as that location probably sees the greatest number of people who both have Burberry Scarves and want to help Darfur.

For the correct mailing address, send an email to the address above. Response times may vary due to heavy volume, but I hope to contact all interested parties within 24 hours.

And don't forget to invite your friends! The more people who join this group and send me scarves, the more we can make the world a better place!

30 Jan 2007
Still no scarves? C'mon people, this is getting ridiculous. I counted seven scarves in my Red Line car alone this morning. Surely that's enough scarves that one could be let go to help Darfur.

I know for a fact the this dearth of scarvery is not a result of insuffient overlap between Burberry scarf-wearers and Darfur genocide want-to-stoppers. They interviewed a Burberry-scarved gentleman on Fox news last night about Darfur! He was upset about the genocide!

For that matter, there's over 40 people in this group. I simply refuse to believe that my peers would join a Facebook group that proposed a certain social change without ever acting on that proposal! Let's get off our asses and see some scarf love!

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