Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Baer, Tim Spicer

My man Robert Baer has an article in this month's Vanity Fair. It’s about Tim Spicer who is a most interesting dude that flies under the radar of the main stream media. Worth the read.


I knew my share of them: rogue oil traders, art forgers, exiled presidents, disgraced journalists, arms dealers. There was also the Jordanian prince who had once offered to smuggle me into Ramadi, in Iraq's anarchic Anbar Province, in exchange for 100 sheep. People like these are pretty much the currency of C.I.A. agents.

In London, the consensus was that if I wanted a good African yarn I needed to talk to Tim Spicer. He knew or could get to every mercenary, adventurer, or promoter who had ever cast a shadow on that continent.

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